Robot theatre week 3

We have just finished our third week of class. We just finished all the basic programming, speech and movement, now we just need to break each scene out into each robots role.

A lot of this work has actually surprised me at how simple it is but how time consuming it is. I was expecting a lot of this work to be complicated and there to be a large learning curve to get it all handled but there actually wasn’t. A lot of the work has been making sure the movements line up with the dialogue. This is a relatively simple task but takes a lot of repetitions to get right.

I have really enjoyed taking this class and am very excited to see where the rest of class goes. I have found a new passion in programing robots and actually bought a Cozmo robot for myself to try and mess with. I really look forward to finishing the production and presenting it. After class I hope to continue programming and using this in the future when I work for a theatre.



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