Robot Theater 2016

The renowned physicist professor Stephen Hawking has warned: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” But I don’t feel like the end of human race.

I took this course as First-Year Seminar this semester and I think it is fantastic.

I used to play with LEGO robots, although they can be programmed to dance, play soccer, search & rescue, etc. No matter how hard we try to build, they still do not seem like they are human. Also, some technical issues make them difficult to compete with those Single Chip Microcomputer Robots in the competitions.

I was amazed by NAO at first glance. They are human-like robots which equipped with some pressure sensors, microphones, cameras, sonar systems and so on. The first time the instructor ran a program on the robot, I  couldn’t believe its stability and playability.

The software Choregraphe is user-friendly, which is very suitable for novices. Based on programming language of Python, java, C++, etc., we can do what we want to do and create incredible projects!

I was glad to see kids show their interest on NAO robots during the performance, and hope they can join us later to enjoy the beauty and fun of the artificial intelligence!

The instructor let us work in groups. Collaborating with domestic students was a nice experience for me. It’s hard to imagine I could get involved and dedicate myself to this course as an international student. This is an awesome seminar but it’s a pity that it was a little short. Hope I can work on NAO robots in the future.

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