Blurring the lines between the Impossible and Opportunity

I have always been skeptical with the notion that technology can really blur the lines between ANY two things. In my head I thought “there’s no way that technology can blur everything,” but as it turn out I’m wrong. These robots have given me important insight to the era that I live in. I never imagined that as a pre-med major I would be working with robots to create a show. This class has shown me that college classes are not just lectures and tests and labs; they can be fun and interactive and have opened my eyes to the fact that I have had tunnel vision all this time. As my instructor has said over and over “this is a once in a life time opportunity” and while I will only be able to take this class for 5 weeks I truly realize that college is the field of opportunity.

Now on to the show, the show is about 7 robots that one day they get a new much smaller robot named Cozmo who says he is a robot, but some of the robots disagree, some of the robots agree with Cozmo, and some are on the fence with it. Then some of the robots hack into Cozmo and program him to do some ridiculous tasks, and Cozmo even though he doesn’t show it struggles with this internally and almost is hurt because of what the other robots think of him. However in order to learn more come watch the show Saturday, Oct 7, at 2:00 PM, in Theatre B of the Theatre Building at the University of Iowa. 

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