Robot Theater: Week 5

After weeks of writing scripts and learning how to program the robots, my class was almost ready for the big show on Saturday. This final week was basically used to refine our skits and programs. At the time, our robots only had their dialogue and a couple of movements. My partner and I used this week to change movements that we didn’t like and to give our robots more complex movements. However, I wasn’t completely satisfied with what we had so far, so I decided to meet with my professor.

Working with my professor was very helpful. We discussed the script and she pointed out many ways that we could improve it. One of the robots was pretty one-dimensional, so she helped me give more content to the robot. After the meeting, the robots were as ready as they could be for the show on Saturday.

I don’t how the show will go on Saturday, but I’m definitely excited to find out. I can’t wait to see the other groups’ performances. I just wish we had more time to tinker with the robots. Robot Theater was an exciting thing to experience and I would recommend it to anyone who may be interested in this kind of stuff.