Robot Theater in Portland

After our workshop and performance in Palo Alto, we packed up the robots and drove north to Portland, OR.  We held a workshop at Broadway Rose New Theater on Sunday, August 14, 2016.  We created some skits that involved movement and speech inflection, and talked with people involved with local theaters about holding the summer programs in 2017.

On Monday, we took the robots to Portland Center Stage.  The facilities were really cool, and we worked on creating some new skits and polishing up some old routines.  It will be really exciting to bring the robots back to Portland to put on some shows.

We picked up some Voodoo Donuts on our way out of Portland, and began the long drive back to Iowa City.  We are happy to be home, and are now focusing on our upcoming first-year seminar; classes start Monday!

I’d like to return to Portland in May, 2017 to give presentations to local schools and get the word out about this project.  I’d like to connect with K-12 teachers and university faculty members interested in getting involved in this project.  If you are affiliated with a school (as a parent or educator), and would like to help me connect with the administration, theater and computer science departments to arrange a visit to your school, please e-mail me.

My goal is to be able to offer a series of summer programs for 5th – 12th grade students in 2017, and in order to do that, I’ll need some help with finding the following:

  • students interested in participating in the camps
  • people to help staff the camps and bring their expertise to the project
    • undergraduate/graduate students
    • K-12 educators
    • performing artists
    • playwrights
    • university faculty

Fortunately, we have started forming partnerships with local theater groups!


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