Introduction to Robot Theater: Week 2

Week one left me with several questions and several answers. Prior to signing up for the class, I had no idea what “Robot Theater” meant. Week one gave an introduction, and I was thinking about what more could be done with the robots the whole week after. What really caught my eye (ear) was the eloquence with which the robots spoke. Luckily, that was the whole focus of the second week.

Speech recognition was not a feature I’d anticipated the robots having, so watching a classmate recreate the Hillshire Farm slogan excited me. Especially because it was registering commands originally created through text, as opposed to listening for a specific sound sequence. Two weeks into the class and it’s already clear: these robots are smart. Learning to program the robot to react to human speech proved easier than anticipated. Our class split into two groups of three, and we organized conversations between the robots and ourselves. The robots proved sassier than anyone could have predicted, but who can blame them in this day and age. The Choreographe program is simple and easy to use, at least on the surface. I’m sure there are millions of things within the realms of possibility through that program, and it fills me with a strange kind of motivating ignorance because I want to learn more. However many weeks we have with the robots, it isn’t nearly enough.

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