Day 10: Final Demonstration

Today is the last day of the summer program.  We ran through one last rehearsal for the final show, and fixed a few more problems.  Then it was time to set up for the kids to give a short demonstration of their projects to their family members.  The room was crowded, and it was difficult to hear the robots deliver their lines.  Overall, the kids did a great job running their programs, spotting the robots, and explaining what they did to their audience.  They took turns running their programs: each person had 15 minutes to run through a few short skits before giving another person a chance to run their programs.

After these short demonstrations, we put the robots in place for the final performance.  We found and fixed almost every problem…the only one left was at the end of the skit, when the robots were supposed to crouch to end the show:  Gini decided not to crouch.  We had a relatively large audience, and the kids did a great job putting everything together for the final show.

After the final show, the kids received certificates of completion.  It was time to power the robots down, and pack up.  It was a fabulous two weeks.  The visiting robots made their way back to Minneapolis, and the Iowa robots returned to my office, where they are getting ready for their next project: they will be part of a first-year seminar this fall.  We will be writing about that experience starting in August!

Final Surveys Setting up Robots & Action Figures Demonstrations Hanging Out Final Testing Getting Ready Final Drawings

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