Day 6: Planning the Final Skit

Last week, the kids programmed the robot to participate in a conversation expressing their appreciation of the people who sponsored the summer camp.  This camp was funded by a few organizations.   John Deere donated money to help cover the costs involved in the development of the curriculum for the camp, and provided some support for staffing the camp.  The American Association of University Women awarded a Community Action Grant to cover the tuition cost for attending the camp.  The University of Iowa Computer Science Department provided technical resources, and the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provided the money to purchase the robots.  The Belin-Blank Center provided camp-related logistical support.  Several community members also donated money so that we could provide healthy snacks and T-shirts to the participants.  Without this financial support, we would not have been able to offer this program.

This week, we added gestures to those “gratitude skits”, and we will record them once they are complete.  We are all grateful to the organizations who sponsored this camp.

At the end of the day, the kids read through a draft of the script for the final skit, and started thinking about some of the specific dialogue that needed to be written.  In this skit, two robots from Minneapolis travel to Iowa City to participate in a Robot Theater Summer Camp, and get to know the robots from Iowa City who are also part of the Robot Theater Summer Camp.

Enjoying Camp Acting things out Working Together Grandma Happy to be here!

Still working on posing the robots
Still working on posing the robots
The kids reading through the skit
The kids reading through the skit

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