Day 1: Speech

On the first day, we learned how to get the robots to speak their lines, and we programmed the robots to deliver a monologue.  It took some time to type out what the robot was supposed to say, and the robots could not always pronounce words correctly.  Sometimes we had to intentionally misspell words in order for them to be spoken correctly.

After we got the robot to say the text, we learned how to get the robots to move.  We start by turning the motors on (to engage the joints).  Then we have the robot stand and deliver its lines.  After it is finished, we have the robot crouch and turn the motors off.  This last step is important.  If the motors are engaged for too long, they will get too hot and the robot will have to be shut down to cool off.

At first, we used a random gesture generator so that the robot would move its arms as it spoke.  Then we started learning to pose the robot, to create specific gestures that matched what was being said.

That was all in the first day!

Watching the robot
Watching the robot
Coding in Choregraphe
Coding in Choregraphe
Watching the results
Watching the results

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